Welcome to Legion x500

Published by Avalon Team, December 10, 2021

It’s been more than a year and a half since we have launched Avalon universe. We proudly introduce our new Legion x500 server without donate shop. It means that there would be absolutely no ready items on sale on our website. This server will be fully compatible with the latest Avalon universe Outlands expansion.

Avalon Episode 16 Part 1 update is a continuation of our global game world overhaul. This time we will have all classic trade systems, pvp balance, adjust pet powers, new reworked models, modified world game events. Quest System will get a completely new task layout with new monsters and locations from quest 201.

And the cherry on top will be the new reborn stone system and newbie inventory. It will be similar to old Legion x1000 inventory with some new items such as caleidoscope and some piece of gear, of course we have a much more in changes of gameplay so we are expect to grow further as community and all we wanted to say stay tunned for future excited events , updates and more.

Best of luck in battle grounds of Avalon

Server Grand open - 20:00 GMT +3