Welcome to Untold Tales

Published by Avalon Team, March 2, 2022

 Now Arena based maps like Arena - Training arena dont have money/item drops. 
 Take a rest now have infinity arrows all the time for elf character. There is no need to buy arrows. 
 Now vip price per day is 200WC 
 Call of the ancestor materials now need in augment crafts 
 Evomons now have 8spawns at tarkan 
 Devin and scent kaleidoscope max grand reset now is 12. 
 Devias manticore/silver materials mythic quest grand reset req now is increased from 10 to 13. 
 Cerberus from now on wont have triple damage rate % / Defense resist ignore / critical damage rate resist -30% / excellent damage resist ignore -50% / SD resist ignore -15% / 
 Noria mythic now reworked from +0 dambo pets to +1 
 Now from 100 quest gives you a 10rb stones from 200 20rb from 300 30rb stones. 
 Meteorite at maximum rate of master skill tree - provide a 18% stun rate. (DW class) 
 Wings of Avalon is account bound now (lets remember x1000 server properly , another one issue is balance for a new player) 
 Post cooldown is 3seconds but post cost now per message - 1kk zen 
 Moss merchant now gone. Till we meet again. 
 Kaleidoscope now only for a vip players. 
 Cash shop now expand. 

 New features 
 Now Players see another party member buffs. 
 New Item tooltip collors. Like rune items / Augment items / rare pets. 
 New Rune - LO 
 New dambo king pet augments 
 New Dambo Mount 
 New Mythic quests / Daily and Weekly 
 New Materials - Chronicles, Fusion statues, augment scrolls 
 New Dark lord horse auguments (new 4 stages of dark lord horses with special attributes) 
 New Casino system there is a 4 machines. 
 New Augment effects 
 Emote animation (Keybind N) 
Red Dragon Book 
Weekly boost 
New launcher system all crash and another issues was fixed. 

Fixed Call of the ancestors devias spawn 
Some small balance fixes.